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iYouth Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Goals of This Challenge

Many of us are taking summer term off before returning to the UW or beginning at the iSchool for the first time. Summer is typically a time when we celebrate courses ending and summer reading beginning. While we originally hoped to connect by reading and talking about great children’s and young adult books, we felt it was important to adjust our design given our current circumstances.

We recognize that we as students, and the public that we serve as current and future LIS professionals, are greatly impacted by current events including the coronavirus pandemic, the traumatic killings of Black individuals, and the ongoing protests for racial equity and justice.

With this in mind, we are proceeding with our summer reading challenge, including bingo and prizes, with the understanding that we may all have different needs at this time. We designed our bingo board with broad forms and genres in hopes that you will be successful in accessing affordable materials and free to choose books that interest you. We also strongly encourage you to choose titles that serve both your needs and your community. We encourage you to read books that bring you joy, but we also encourage you to read outside of your comfort zone.

Within each genre or format, seek out Own Voices authors. Seek out marginalized voices in fields dominated by certain races or genders or others in power. Try something new and discover amazing books for youth. We hope to see great conversations about the books you’re reading here on our forum throughout the summer and beyond, and we will be providing resources for ideas to expand our knowledge of children’s and YA lit.

If bingo isn’t your thing or you don’t think you’ll have the time, please feel free to chat about books on our forum or at our next social meeting and get to know each other as your commitments and well-being allow. We are currently planning to implement a book club and hope to start with an anti-racist title since many of us are already focusing our efforts there, so stay tuned for additional ways to connect about books. We look forward to advancing LIS and youth services with you and finding joy in good books at the same time.

How to Play / Rules

Bingo starts on June 20 and wraps up on September 20. You can print out your bingo card or download a digital copy. Fill in your squares with the children’s or young adult book title and author or a photo of the book cover. Titles can only be used once per card, and participants are limited to one card. Bingos are five in a row in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines.

To submit your bingo card, send it to iyouthuw@uw.edu by September 20. Please include your mailing address where you would like to receive any prize(s).

If you have questions or recommendations, please contact us here or email us at iyouthuw@uw.edu.


If you complete at least one bingo, you will be eligible for a small prize that we will ship out at the beginning of Fall quarter.

For every bingo, you will also receive a drawing entry for the grand prize. Two grand prize winners will receive a gift certificate!

Save or print the bingo board to get started.

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