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Ready or not, fall term is upon us! It is bound to be a school year unlike any other. Possibly the most important election of our lives is quickly approaching. Some of our cities have had daily civil rights protests since spring term. Between protests and the continued injustices that fuel them, some of us are carrying even heavier burdens than usual. Oh, and in case some of us need reminded, the pandemic isn't over just because we're over it.

We know you're dealing with a lot, and we know that current events affect some of us more deeply or in different ways than others. Through all of our challenges, we hope to remain a positive aspect of your time at the UW. We want to stay connected and hope to involve more of the iSchool than ever before. If there is a silver lining with the pandemic, it is that more people are realizing what online students have already known: we can stay connected virtually and make the best of our time at the iSchool. While we hope to be able to offer in-person events eventually, we can and should continue online events that let everyone, regardless of mode, be involved.

With that in mind, we want your input in planning online events for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We hope that anyone who is interested in youth services makes this the year to connect through iYouth. Please complete our survey to let us know your interests and availability so we can do our best to schedule social events for our diverse group. We want to start a book club and social meetings this term and get your ideas for future events.

If you're reading this after the survey window, don't worry. Reach out anytime throughout the school year to share more ideas or see how you can be involved. Let's support each other and make this school year a good one.

Thank you for completing this survey.

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