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Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Summer vacation is upon us! You have so much free time now (unless you’re taking a summer course, you, poor unfortunate soul [just kidding, but not really]). The assignments have ended. You don’t have to worry about deadlines, classes, discussion posts, group projects or points. What’re you possibly gonna do with all that brain space?? Sleep, probably but…


iYouth is doing a Summer of Diverse Books Bingo!

[Listen, we came up with it before we knew SPL was doing it okay]

We’ve got bingo cards, we’ve got 70’s vibes, we’ve got killer merch and prizes!

We’ve got everything you need to add some sunshine back into your life.

The dream for the summer is to allow space for us to have conversations about fun books. Tell us why you liked a book, why did you pick it, is it worth the brain space? We are going to have an online forum available for everyone to share when/if they want to (this is worth zero points, completely optional, think of it as supplemental readings). Get to know people in the online cohorts, the new incoming class or other people who are in iYouth’s community through discussing your favorite books that fall within the categories specified in the bingo card (sorry, there are some rules which can be found at this link).

Don’t forget to tag us in any and all your social media posts about the bingo! We created a tag to add to any and all posts so that we can engage on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook together. #iYouthVintageSummer #iYouthSummerSquad

And if bingo isn’t your thing or you don’t think you’ll have the time, we’re doing a Book-of-the-Month discussion as well. So, do one or the other or BOTH! It’s your summer after all, spend it how you want to.

We will be picking one book for all the months of the summer (June, July, August, and September) that you can read along with us! They will likely qualify for at least one bingo square each (hint, hint) and we’ll be hosting online and in-person discussions on each title. More information about where that will take place can be found in that nifty link I put ^^^up there.

Resources Try this website <https://diversebooks.org/resou…/where-to-find-diverse-books/ > if you’re not sure where to look for diverse children’s books! For more background on why we need diverse books, check out the statistics from the Cooperative Children’s Book Center: http://www.reflectionpress.com/childrens-books-radicalact/

Want a say in what we read for the Book-of-the-Month?

Drop some recommendations in this Google Form.

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